Token Sale Details

Use of proceeds

Please refer to our Use of Proceeds plan described in detail on our website and the whitepaper.

How many Inr tokens are distributed through the tokensale?
What happens if scheduled tokens are not all distributed until the tokensale is over?
What is the expected value of INRC tokens after the tokensale?
Can anyone participate in the tokensale?

Token Sale process

How can I get INR Coin token?

You can get INR Coin token by participating in the INR Coin tokensale. First, you should sign up at “Inrc foundation” in advance. 
Second, once the token sale begins, you should get unique address and data that you can send Ethereum. 
Once completed, you can check your tokens from the Ethereum wallet address you sent(, etc.).

How can I buy ethereum?
What happens if I participate with less amount than the minimum participation amount?
How are tokens distributed/allocated?
How many INR Coin tokens will I receive?
What happens if I send the ETH to the wrong address by mistake?
How can I get a refund?
I sent ETH to the correct address, but I can't confirm the token immediately. What's the problem?
If I forget Inr Coin website password, am I losing all my INRC tokens?

INRC Token

When are genesis blocks generated?

Expected launch of INR Coin Genesis block and INR wallet is in Q4 2018, after which INRC will be traded on exchanges. 
Please note that development schedule may change due to unforeseeable circumstances.

When are genesis blocks generated?

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